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mixing - $70

i will mix your song, ensuring all elements sound clean and crisp together (up to 35 stems*)


billed hourly, i will teach you beginner/intermediate music theory, provide hands-on feedback, and/or provide any tips/explanations you need for production in FL Studio

mastering - $20

i will make your song sound loud and full without clipping; track must be already mixed with headroom and sent as a .wav

writing & production

i will create a song based on your exact specifications*, including but not limited to: film and game scores, backing for vocals/rap, or audio for your marketing needs

mix & master - $80

i will give your song a professional studio-quality sound, making it ready to be released directly to your fans or customers

just so you know

i sleep better at night knowing every customer is satisfied with my work, so i offer several free revisions for every project*

*additional stems are $1 each

*i do not charge for artist collaborations and features: i take them on organically but they are not included as part of these services

*free revisions are granted on a "within reason" basis. excessive revisions are $10 each

contact me

Thanks for reaching out! I'll get back to you soon.
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